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XperiFirm Tool is a very small but powerful tool to download XperiFirm from any computer. The Xperi Tool can be downloaded from XperiFirm’s home page. The small and unobtrusive application is unobtrusive and requires less than 5 MB to install. The XperiFirm Software Tool is very easy to install and runs quickly.

XperiFirm Review

XperiFirm is an all-in-one tool to download XperiFirm from any computer. The XperiFirm Tool is available for Windows OS. I managed to test the program on my Sony Ericsson XPERIA S300. With this tool, I was able to download XperiFirm from my computer in a few minutes. Below, I have written about how I tested the application from a computer with Windows operating system.

What is XperiFirm?

The XperiFirm Tool is designed for downloading Sony Xperia devices, which include the Sony Ericsson XPERIA S300. To get XperiFirm running on your PC, download the software from the official website of XperiFirm and follow the steps listed in the video. On my Sony Ericsson XPERIA S300, I selected the “Download” option on the main menu, followed by the “Run” option. After a few minutes, the XperiFirm Tool was installed successfully on my PC.

The software installed on my PC displayed a screen, which displayed the name of the file that needs to be downloaded. On the top of this screen, there was an option to browse through the folders. In the folder, there were two text boxes and a picture. When you hover your mouse over one of the boxes, a window with the list of files and folders will appear. Select all the files and folders that you want to install the XperiFirm Tool onto your Sony Xperia smartphone.

Features of Xperia Firmware Flash Tool

After you have successfully installed XperiFirm Tool onto your phone, follow the steps mentioned in the video. You will need to connect your smartphone via a USB cable in order to flash the firmware onto it. Once the flash has been completed, reboot your android device. The XperiFirm Firmware Tool will then detect your device. Follow the step-by-step guide, and your phone will be ready to receive the firmware images.

Now that your device is equipped with the new firmware, it is recommended that you wipe all the data that you have stored on your pc. Wipe all the files from your computer, including those on your mobile devices, so that there would be no space for anything new in the device. However, if you want to install other apps, there is nothing to worry about.

After wiping the data from your device, install the flash tool for android to your PC. The flash tool will work with XperiFirm Tool to flash the specific sony Xperia smartphone firmware files. Using the flash tool, you should also follow the step-by-step guide. From there on, you are all set to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

XperiFirm software Tool is compatible with the latest Sony devices. It allows you to install the latest Sony firmware onto your device. You don’t have to look out for a programmer or mess with complex installation procedures. It is all automated and easy. You can install XperiFirm on any Windows-based PC, even if you are currently using a Mac. This flashable firmware utility is also available in other languages which you can easily translate into your native language.

Xperifirm Tool

Another cool feature of this downloadable XperiFirm Tool is that it supports different storage media for your downloads. You can choose between downloading XperiFirm Android firmware and the regular Sony firmware. There is also an option for downloading the Google Recovery software. If you think that you might run into problems while installing or using the downloadable file, then you can always back up your device.

XperiFirm Tool Free Download

If you encounter problems with the downloading process, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with professional support. You can either avail a one-time registration fee or use the user-friendly website for downloading the XperiFirm Tool easily and quickly. The support system is prompt and helpful in case you encounter problems while downloading the XperiFirm and other firmware updating applications. The professional technical support team from sony devices is available online through telephone, email, and live chat support. You can talk to them about any of the options provided and they will assist you in any way they can.

XperiFirm is a great device security application, which works efficiently in the background. It has a password protection facility and a backup & restores facility to help you retrieve your files if there are any unexpected incidents. The XperiFirm Download button will open a pop-up window with the available firmware version. You can select the download and press the download button to install the Xperi Firmware on your computer or you can simply drag and drop the files from your computer’s drive to the program’s window. You can also connect your device via USB and transfer the files from your computer to your mobile phone so that you can use the application from anywhere.

Download XperiFirm Software Tool

How to use Xperifirm and Flash Tool

  • Extract the downloaded XperiFirm_5.4.0_zip file from the above link.
  • Launch the XperiFirm.exe tool on your PC.
  • Choose your Sony Xperia device from the left slider.
  • Now select the specific Sony Xperia model number.
  • It will show the country-based firmware details.
  • Just click on your country name.
  • The tool will display a list of available firmware.
  • Choose the latest Sony firmware file.
  • Finally, click on the Download button to start the downloading process.
  • Upon completion, use the Sony Mobile Flash tool to install the stock ROM update.

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