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We provide the best method to Remove Google Account Verification on Android devices within some easy steps, On this page, we are discussing verifying a google on an Android or smartphone device. If you want to Bypass your Google Account then you need to follow this produce.

Remove Google Account Verification on Android:

The factory reset protection is used to help to make a lost and found device unusable for others because anyone can easily bypass your numerical pin or pattern to unlock your device. To fix this quick factory reset, Google introduced a new verification system known as factory reset protection.

If you buy a preowned device and it has still the pre-owner authentication details, you can lock out the device if you do not remember your login details. For that, you need to do the factory reset protection. It is an inbuilt security feature on Android devices with version 5.1 or higher.


It is automatically enabled when you set up any Google account on your Android smartphone. It prevents someone who tries to log in to your smartphone from getting the initial past setups and authentications. It disables the first login details and enables you to create your own username and password on your device.

How To Disable Factory Reset Protection?

For your account verification, you first need to disable the previous factory reset protection. this is an automatic feature that is enabled when you set up a or Google account on your Android device. Google has made it a default feature for many users to use it easier.

  • Click on the settings.
  • Now choose cloud and accounts and go to accounts.
  • Click on your Google account.
  • Tap to remove Google Account and again Click to confirm.

This process is working on all android devices. If you want to Remove Google Account on your Samsung device.

Bypass or Remove Google Account Verification:

Factory reset protection is automatically enabled when you sign in to your Android smartphone using your Google account. To disable it, you need to remove your Google account from your device, and deactivating factory reset protection is the best and easiest solution available to Bypass Google verification. If you do not remove your Google account, your smartphone will enter the Google reactivation lock phase. When this is turned on, you can not use your smartphone even after a factory reset process.


How to bypass and reset your Android device?

If you want to reset your phone, this is an essential method to bypass your account verification by resetting your phone and all of its contends entirely. If you want to sell or give away your old device, this method is always recommended so no other users can back up your data.

  • Click on your device setting and go to factory reset.
  • When your device has been reset and rebooted, click on the option to connect to Wi-Fi.
  • Tap on the text box but don’t enter your Wi-Fi password.
  • Now select English US on the Google keyboard and enter your Wi-Fi password to connect.
  • Now enter your email address on the text box and hold the @ symbol.
  • Now choose Google keyboard when the menu appears and tap on the three-dot menu.
  • Now click on any of the help articles from the web page and then select the web research and Google app from the menu button.
  • Search for settings from the gear icon.
  • Now choose backup and reset.
  • Now you will have the option to set up your new data process or you can skip this step.

I hope this method is helping you to Remove Google Account verification on your Android phone device.

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