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It is possible to use the PMM Team to add to the Free Fire battle according to your preferences. The injected tool has numerous features you use after downloading and installing it on your Android mobile phone. Everything is beneficial to the battle and can help players compete since you inject the fight Free Fire.

We are sure that you’re the one who loves the Free Fire, but you can’t win even a single fight. Due to the professional players. Therefore, don’t worry about anything since all the most recent features are available on PMM Team Mod Menu. This means you can use any features that meet your requirements.

What is the difference between the pros and the amateurs? Let me explain, so make sure to read it carefully. Professional gamers are the ones who can destroy anyone in just less than a second. They’ve played the FF battle a lot and can kill their opponents. Therefore, you’re nothing against them.

To defeat them or kill them isn’t easy. This is why the programmers have created something brand new to offer you to try. PMM-Team Mod Menu Apk PMM Team Mod Menu Apk can take down the top players. It is a third-party application; it will bring gold-colored rain. What are you waiting for? Download this cheat and play the game. This tool will be the ideal choice to play with.

PMM Team

Features of PMM Team Mod Menu Apk:

You know that the massive crowd of gamers at Free Fire is ready to beat their adversaries. These players have more experience than you because you’re brand new to the game. There are many players in the game, such as certain are professional bots, and some are just novices.

The bots can be killed quite easily. To defeat humans is a significant task for you. Because they might have more experience and are more skilled than you, that’s why you should be aware of the aspects that will assist you in your endeavor. There is only one choice, and that’s this file.

PMM Teams Cheat Menu:

  • Autobot
  • Auto Aimlock
  • Focus when Fire is on the way.
  • Make sure to aim when you Crouch
  • Aimbot Fov
  • The Movement’s Goal
  • ESP Fire Line
  • ESP Ant Line
  • Distance.

More Menu:

  • Auto Headshot
  • Secure Headshot
  • Draw Crass Hair
  • Crosshair Size
  • Sensitivity
  • Fake Username
  • Remove Reports
  • Remove Scop v3
  • Medkit is up and running
  • 5x Rapid Punch
  • Fly Weapon H4ck
  • Shoot While Swimming
  • Far Camera View
  • It’s not Root, but Root
  • Anti-bad system
  • We will have more features coming soon.


You will need an account password to access the file to open this file since the developer has made an instruction for users. When you install and download this cheat-full app, it requires a password to open. If you don’t have it, you’ll not access the file from your android phone.

There is an app similar to this, which you can download from our website. It is called The VIP Nobita FF APK has the most up-to-date and top-quality products. Also, both files are similar and have the same functions.


There is no stopping you from gaining knowledge and strength. You need to get the PMM Team Mod Menu on our website for them. It was designed by one of the top developers and has added tons of options for you.

Take advantage of all the features, as all cheats are completely free. They can only be used with your Android device. Enjoy it with your friends and loved ones to play the game with you.

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